Lee M. Amaitis

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Lee M. Amaitis
Occupation Vice Chairman
Employer BGC Partners

Lee M. Amaitis is vice chairman of BGC Partners. He previously served as co-chief executive of the company.

Amaitis was formerly a senior executive of Cantor Fitzgerald and eSpeed. He played a key role in the recovery of Cantor Fitzgerald and eSpeed after the devastation on September 11, 2001 and in the re-building of its voice brokerage business, which became BGC.[1]

Amaitis is actively involved with a number of charities and fund raising events around the world, in particular for disabled and disadvantaged children.


Amaitis joined Cantor Fitzgerald as senior managing director in New York in 1995 after nearly two decades in the fixed income market. He moved to London in 1996 to oversee European operations. He drove the expansion of Cantor Fitzgerald International into a wide range of businesses, including interest rate derivatives, cross currency trading and basis trading. He also secured the firm's membership in a variety of exchanges and clearing houses.



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