London Energy Brokers Association

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London Energy Brokers Association
Founded 2003
Headquarters London
Products Represents energy and emissions brokers
Web site

The London Energy Brokers Association (LEBA), founded in 2003, represents the top energy and emissions brokers on the OTC and exchange traded markets. The association has created benchmark indexes in the power and carbon markets.

The association is comprised of 10 large brokers including: APX Power UK (formerly known as UKPX, Aspen Oil Broking, CantorCO2e, Evolution Markets, GFI Group, ICAP Energy, PVM Oil Associates, Spectron Group, Tradition Financial Services, Tullet Prebon Energy. [1]

In the European emissions market, these brokers represent most of the trading volume that occurs on the OTC emissions market. The OTC European emissions market, where Certified Emission Reductions and European Union Allowance contracts are traded, accounts for about 70 percent of the total emissions traded in the OTC and on exchanges.

Products and Services[edit]

LEBA has produced a number of indexes including the LEBA TTF Pricing Index, which calculates month-ahead natural gas trades executed by London brokers. It also produces the LEBA EGT Pricing Index, which is a volume-based, weighted average of all day-ahead trades executed in London by participating brokers.

It also lists indexes on CERs, EUAs, power and natural gas prices. [2]

Key People[edit]

  • Stewart Lloyd-Jones - Chief Executive
  • David Clark - Chairman
  • Alban Brindle - Chief Operating Officer


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