Luc Fortin

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Luc Fortin
Luc fortin.jpg
Occupation President and CEO
Employer Montréal Exchange
Location Montreal
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Luc Fortin is the interim president and CEO of the Montreal Exchange. He has held the post since August 2016.[1][2]


Fortin held senior leadership positions at TD Bank and TD Securities in the past, and has over 25 years of capital markets experience. He specializes in leading client-facing teams in fixed income and derivatives. Before moving to the Montreal Exchange, he worked as the managing director and Canadian head of the Institutional Client Group at HSBC Bank Canada. In May 2016, he became the managing director for derivatives trading at the Montreal Exchange, before taking over as interim CEO after Alain Miquelon stepped down in August of the same year.[3][4][5]


Fortin received a bachelor's degree in finance from the University of Ottawa.

John Lothian Interviews

Thinking Global - Luc Fortin, Montréal Exchange

In this video from JLN's Industry Leader Series, Montréal Exchange President and CEO Luc Fortin talks about the exchange’s extended hours, potentially partnering with a firm in Asia to spread the word, and the relaunch of a key interest rate derivative.

Montréal Exchange’s CEO Focused on Structural Adjustments

“The world is looking to trade more and more Canada and the fact that we’re only open during our own time zone is a bit prohibitive for some of the international clients.”

Last year, Montréal Exchange launched single stock futures and it turned out to be its best product launch in a decade based on rapidly growing open interest. The exchange also revamped its 5-year bond contract in order to make sure all points on the curve are accessible. With those changes in place, 2017’s goals center around structural change.


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