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Matthew L. Hulsizer
Occupation Founder
Employer Peak6
Location Chicago

Matthew L. Hulsizer is the founder of OptionsHouse and co-founder of PEAK6 Investments.[1][2]


Hulsizer grew up in New Jersey and began his career as a senior trader with the trading firm O'Connor & Associates, where he worked on the floor of the AMEX. Swiss Bank bought O'Connor in 1992, and the bank transferred Hulsizer to Chicago. Hulsizer is married to Jennifer Just, who is also his business partner at PEAK6.[3]

From May 1994 until he co-founded PEAK6 in 1997, he was a director and risk manager for Swiss Bank, which had acquired O'Connor & Associates. Swiss Bank later merged with Union Bank of Switzerland to become UBS AG.

In 2010 it was reported Hulsizer was interested in purchasing the Phoenix Coyotes.[4][5] He later dropped his bid to purchase the team.[6]


Hulsizer is a 1991 graduate of Amherst College. A New Jersey native, he also served as a board member of New Jersey's Peddie School and Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre Company.[7]