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Use the form below to upload files.

  • The "Source filename" box is for the file on your computer (it's usually easiest to use the "Browse" button to find the file you want).
  • The "Destination filename" is how the image will be named in the wiki. Try to use a descriptive name, so if your source image is called "x00039324.jpg", the destination box is a great place to change that to, "ABC logo green.jpg".
  • The "Summary" box is for any comments or special information about the image. If it's just a logo or headshot, you can leave it blank if you want to. If it's a picture that has a story, feel free to put in a note about it here.

The wiki supports files of type .gif, .jpg, .ogg, .pdf, .bmp and .png. Animated gifs do work, but they will be viewed with great skepticism and caution by the wiki support team. If you need to upload a different type of file, email us for help.

To view or search previously uploaded images go to the list of uploaded files. Uploads and deletions are also logged in the upload log.

To include the image in a wiki page, you link it in double brackets, like this: [[file.jpg]]. If you want more help about placing the image, adding text, borders, or titles, or resizing the image, take a look at the image help page.