Mirjana Zuro

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Mirjana Zuro
Occupation Head of Global Market Access & Datacenter Strategy
Employer RTS Realtime Systems Group
Location London
Website www.rtsgroup.net

Mirjana Zuro is the Managing Director, UK for RTS Realtime Systems Group.


Mirjana Zuro started as part of the manager investment administration for a Financial Services industry between 1994 and 1996. Then for a year he was the client relationship manager/business analyst for SunGard Investment Admin Services. In 1997 Mirjana became the manager and business analyst for Sydney Futures Exchange until 2000. He then worked for EasyScreen Plc as an associate director operations/MD Asia Pacific for the next 6 years. In 2006 he worked for Trading Technologies as a sales manager until moving to his current employer, RTS Realtime Systems Group in 2007, as the Managing Director. He became the Head of Global Market Access & Datacenter Strategy in July of 2013.


Mirjana Zuro attended the University of Canberra. [1]


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