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Moorgate Benchmarks
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Founded 2018
Headquarters London
Key People Tobias Sproehnle, CEO
Products Design, manage and calculate indices
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Moorgate Benchmarks is an independent service provider to the index industry. The company designs, manages and calculates indices for clients, streamlining operations using leading-edge technology, and implementing best-practice governance systems to meet EU Benchmarks Regulation.[1]


Moorgate Benchmarks was founded in 2018 by Gareth Parker, the company's chief indexing officer, and Tobias Sproehnle, its chief executive officer. Mark Pralle, director and the company’s chief technology officer, joined in 2019. The company is employee-owned with one minority shareholder, ETFS Capital. Moorgate received a strategic investment from ETFS Capital for an undisclosed amount in October 2019. [2]

Moorgate was authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority as a benchmark administrator under the European Benchmarks Regulation in August 2019. [3]

Products and Services[edit]

Moorgate's services include index strategy and design, index calculation services, EU and UK benchmark regulation services, and index governance, management and administration. [4]

Key People[edit]

Moorgate founder Tobias Sproehnle was previously the CEO of Thomson Reuters Benchmarks, one of the first regulated benchmark administrators globally. He was responsible for both the governance and management of benchmarks upon which trillions of dollars of financial contracts are based.

Co-founder Gareth Parker was one of the four founding staff of FTSE, and its head of index research, design and development. Parker also held senior roles at S&P, Russell Indexes and IPD. Gareth was responsible for the creation of or management of some of the FTSE 100, FTSE All-World, FTSE4Good, S&P Smart Beta Indices and IPD Property Indices, as well as domestic indices that include the primary Greek, Cypriot and Belgian indices. He is chairman of the CBOE Europe index advisory committee.

Mark Pralle, based in Frankfurt, is responsible for the company’s technology and index operations. Before joining Moorgate Benchmarks, he built the Markit index engine, one of the most successful global fixed-income index families. [5]

More recently, on June 10, 2020, Moorgate announced the appointment of Nash Jooma as the independent chairman of its benchmark oversight committee. Nash has been closely involved in regulation, including senior roles at the FCA, Citigroup and Commerzbank, for more than 30 years. He also has experience in the establishment of compliance and governance structures in the benchmark space, including as a consultant for Lloyds and JPMorgan. [6]