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MultiBroker is a global trading network from Trading Technologies that allows buy-side firms to route orders to multiple brokers from a single X_TRADER screen or application programming interface (API). MultiBroker provides direct market access (DMA)through TTNET, TT’s fully managed global hosting solution. TT software routes orders through TTNET’s end-to-end architecture, never through a third-party network, providing superior speed, stability, and accuracy.

Other key benefits of TT’s MultiBroker solution include:

  • Enables buy-side firms to mitigate risk by enabling access to multiple brokers
  • Enhances the privacy of the buy side with respect to their intentions and total positions by executing with multiple brokers
  • Allows the buy side to manage risk across brokers from a single interface
  • Allows sell-side firms to differentiate themselves by way of rates/margins, research, asset classes, regional expertise, trading support, and capital introduction, which in turn better meets the varying needs of the buy side

MultiBroker was named "Best New Technology Product - Trading and Execution” at the 2013 FOW International Awards[1] and "Best New Product, Connectivity” at the 2013 FOW Asia Awards.

MultiBroker beta testing[2] began in January 2013 with participation from many global brokers, including BofA Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, J.P. Morgan, Jefferies, Macquarie Bank Limited, Mizuho Securities USA, Morgan Stanley, RBC Capital Markets and UBS. MultiBroker officially launched to production in July 2013[3].

Supported Exchanges[edit]

MultiBroker connects buy-side traders with the industry's leading international derivatives exchanges and electronic fixed income trading platforms, offering connectivity to:

Promotional Video: MultiBroker from Trading Technologies[edit]

An overview of MultiBroker featuring Tom Haldes, group product manager, buy-side technology at Trading Technologies.

Produced by John Lothian Productions.


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