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Founded May 2009
Headquarters Europe
Products Defunct Dark pool

NEURO Dark was a dark pool launched by NASDAQ OMX Europe in May 2009. Both NEURO Dark and NASDAQ OMX Europe closed in May 2010.[1]

According to Thomson Reuters, NEURO Dark traded 1.01% of the European dark market in March 2010, a month before its closing.[2]


The dark pool offered about 800 of the most actively traded European blue-chip stocks.[3]

NEURO Dark was a reference price system based on best bid and offer prices. The platform used a reference price waiver to exempt it from publishing pre-trade data under MiFID, allowing it to trade dark orders of any size.[4] The platform offered an internalized order type, which allowed members to effectively execute against their own internal order flow. Members were able to choose either to interact only with internal flow, or to cross with internal flow first and execute any unmatched portion of the order in the main dark pool.[5]