National Introducing Brokers Association

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National Introducing Brokers Association
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Founded 1991
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois
Key People Melinda Schramm, Chairman

The National Introducing Brokers Association (NIBA) was established as a not-for-profit association in 1991, representing what the NIBA calls the true "unsung" futures salesforce -- IBs. Before NIBA existed, Introducing Brokers had no central organization to ensure that they were represented within the industry.[1] Beginning in 2004, registered CTAs were invited to join the association as full members.

Its membership currently includes approximately 350 registered entities. Members primarily transact business in the retail sector of the futures and options industry.[2]

Purpose of NIBA and Conferences[edit]

NIBA's stated objectives are to ensure open channels of communication among individual members which include IBs and CTAs, and their futures commission merchants (FCMs) as well as industry regulators.[3]

NIBA's holds annual conferences in Chicago[4] and New York aimed at connecting members with member exchanges to focus on topics relevant to the industry.

In addition to the annual conference, NIBA regularly schedules meetings with the National Futures Association and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to discuss regulatory/policy issues, and with the Chicago, Kansas City, New York and other member exchanges to focus on topics relevant to IBs.


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