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The NYSE FANG+, or NYSE FANG Plus index, is a quarterly equity index futures contract launching on November 8, 2017 on ICE Futures US. It provides exposure to a select group of highly-traded growth stocks of technology and tech-enabled companies.[1]

The NYSE FANG+ index is equal-weighted and at lauch will include five core FANG stocks, including Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet’s Google, plus another five actively-traded technology growth stocks -- Alibaba, Baidu, NVIDIA, Tesla and Twitter.

The real-time NYSE FANG+ Index will be calculated and disseminated through the NYSE Global Index Feed under the symbol “NYFANG.”[2]

NYSE FANG+ futures
Exchange ICE
Settlement Physically delivered
Contract Size 50 times the NYSE FANG+ Index
Pricing Unit Need pricing unit!
Tick Value 10 Index points, equal to $5.00 per contract; calendar spread trades may be executed at .05 index

point increments. (Block Trades can be done at .01 Index points)

Contract Months 4 contracts in the March, June, September and December cycle
Last Trading Day Third Friday of the expiration month. Trading in the expiring contract ceases at 9:30 am NY time on Last Trading Day
Note: This contract is electronic ONLY -- no open outcry
  No Open Outcry Electronic
Trading Hours 8:00 pm to 6:00 pm (6:00 pm open on Sunday evening) Preopen starts 30 minutes prior to the start of trading. N/A
Ticker Symbol N/A FNG
Price Limits N/A None.


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