National Milk Producers Federation

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National Milk Producers Federation
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Founded 1916
Headquarters Arlington, Virginia
Key People Gregg Doud
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The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) is an American dairy industry organization representing the interests of dairy farmers and cooperatives across the United States. Established in 1916, the NMPF has played a pivotal role in shaping the dairy industry, advocating for its members, and promoting the responsible production of dairy products.[1]


The NMPF was founded during a time when the dairy industry faced various challenges, including fluctuating milk prices and a lack of unity among dairy farmers. Recognizing the need for collective action, a group of dairy cooperatives and producers came together in 1916 to create an organization that would address these issues. The NMPF was officially formed to represent the interests of dairy farmers and cooperatives nationwide and internationally.[2]

Over the decades, the NMPF has grown in size and influence. It has played a pivotal role in advocating for policies that benefit dairy farmers, such as supporting federal milk marketing orders and promoting milk price stabilization programs. The organization has also been involved in various research and development initiatives aimed at improving dairy farming practices and product quality.[3]

NMPF advocates for dairy producers at the federal level, working on policies, trade, and market access. It also focuses on research and innovation in areas like sustainability, animal welfare, and milk quality. NMPF provides educational support to farmers, sharing practical knowledge and industry insights. Collaborating with industry stakeholders such as processors and retailers, NMPF strengthens the dairy supply chain and seeks to enhance opportunities for dairy products, supporting the dairy farming community.

In 2024, Gregg Doud replaced Jim Mulhern as president and CEO of NMPF after Mulhern had spent a decade leading the organizaton.[4]


It is led by a board of directors composed of dairy farmers and cooperative leaders from across the country.

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