Nico Holdings LLC

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Nico Holdings LLC (Nico Trading)
Nico logo.gif
Founded 1999
Headquarters Chicago
Key People Peter J. Meyer, President
Employees 100+
Products Derivatives & securities markets; Proprietary trading

Nico Holdings LLC is the parent company of derivatives and securities trading firm Nico Trading.

Nico Holdings LLC is a member of the Principal Traders Group, an affiliate of the Futures Industry Association.[1]


Nico Trading began in Chicago in 1999. Founded by company president Peter J. Meyer, the firm started with fewer than 10 employees and worked only with treasury futures and options. Since then, Nico Trading has expanded into several different markets, including those in Europe. The company also added a New York office location in 2006.[2]

Products and Services[edit]

Nico trades products in the futures, options, and cleared OTC markets on various exchanges. Nico is also an owner of Eris Exchange, a Chicago-based futures trading platform for the interest-rate swap market.

Key People[edit]

Industry Organizations[edit]


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