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OptionMONSTER Holdings Inc.
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Founded 2006
Headquarters Chicago
Key People Founders Pete Najarian, Jon Najarian and Dirk Mueller-Ingrand
Website www.optionmonster.com

OptionMonster Holdings Inc. is a provider of news, education and market intelligence on the options and stock markets. It offers an online suite of subscription products, educational resources and free content and specializes in helping evaluate unusual trading opportunities.[1]


Founded in 2006 by option traders, brothers, and CNBC contributors Jon Najarian (DRJ) & Pete Najarian, optionMONSTER entered the online investment strategy space as a way for self-directed investors to gain access to the thought process, education, and strategy once reserved only for professional & institutional investors. With an emphasis on option trading, optionMONSTER began offering subscriptions in 2006 that allowed subscribers to receive real-time strategy and trading ideas via web and email, through the identification of unusual trading activity and spotting trends before the rest of the market. [2] In late 2008, the company launched Drakon Capital, a site providing real- time market intelligence in the equities, options and futures markets to institutional investors. Drakon Capital products include stockMONSTER, a professionally moderated chat room for discussion of trading opportunities, and futuresMONSTER, an instant messaging service direct from the trading floors of the CME. [3]

Products and Services[edit]

optionMONSTER provides a variety of subscription based, online products for stock and option traders.[4] The company also offers free online education, webinars, and local investor conferences.

Inside Options Pro – Uses proprietary algorithms, code-named Heat Seeker, to identify unusual activity in the markets, and inform subscribers where the so-called smart money is going. The service provides subscribers with 3-5 trade ideas per day, and is targeted for active options traders who are trading for capital gains (ie, “on spec”)

Inside Options – Uses proprietary algorithms, code-named Heat Seeker, to identify unusual activity in the markets. The service provides 1-2 trade ideas per day, sent in real time, and is targeted for active speculative option traders who are trading for capital gains (ie, “on spec”).

Open Order Pro– Intended for traders interested in the fundamental and technical reasons for entering options trades. The service provides 2-3 trade ideas per week, with an accompanying email specifying the reasons for entering a position, the outlook for the underlying, and a target for the trade.

Open Order – Intended for new option traders, Open Order allows subscribers to learn how the professional trader thinks about the market. The service provides 1-2 trading ideas per week, complete with exit alerts and the reasons for entering a position, and is targeted for the entry-level or less active trader.

Covered Call Investor- Combines equity and options trading ideas into one product. The service provides 1 trading idea per week, as well as a weekly newsletter that outlines possible entry and exit points for both options and equity trades. Ideal for the conservative, income driven investor.

Webinars – The company provides free webinars to all investors on a weekly basis in order to help educate the investing public on different opportunities and ways to structure their investments. The webinars are hosted by active traders, including Guy Adami & Chris McKann.[5]

Heat Seeker Trading Technology – This proprietary algorithm finds unusual activities in the market.

Invest Like a Monster Conferences – The company hosts weekend conferences throughout the country that include educational workshops, live trading demonstrations, and exclusive access into how professional traders think about the market. optionMONSTER has held conferences in San Francisco, Orlando, Chicago and Dallas.[6]

JLN Video Interview[edit]

OptionMonster has expanded into distance learning and extended their product line with more interactive programs, digital workbooks, and one-on-one mentoring. Kurt Oeler, who was recently promoted to president of OptionMonster from vice president and general manager, spoke with JLN’s Sarah Rudolph about the new developments at the company – a division of OptionMonster Holdings, Inc. – and the challenges of educating traders about options.

Key People[edit]