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PEAK6 Investments LLC
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Founded 1997
Headquarters Chicago, IL
Key People Matthew N. Hulsizer, Co-Founder and CEO; Jennifer Just, Co-Founder and CAO

PEAK6 Investments is a financial services firm located in Chicago that includes market making, risk management, a hedge fund and proprietary trading operations.[1][2] Peak6's core brands include: PEAK6 Capital Management, Apex Clearing, National Flood Services and Evil Geniuses, an esports business.

The company's first tech-based solution was developed in 1997 to optimize options trading and, over the past two decades, the same formula has been used across a range of industries, asset classes and business stages.

Its subsidiary PEAK6 Capital Management is a major options market maker and proprietary trading firm, which the firm says is one of the largest options trading operations in the U.S.[3] PEAK6 also launched options news and information service The Options News Network, or in September 2008.[4]


PEAK6 was founded over 25 years ago by co-founders Jenny Just and Matt Hulsizer. Their journey started as options traders at O'Connor and Associates in Chicago, where they gained experience and a knack for taking calculated risks. When O'Connor and Associates relocated to the East Coast, Just and Hulsizer chose to remain in Chicago.

PEAK6 began as a proprietary equity options trading firm. It leveraged its trading profits to fund various ventures, embracing opportunities with a focus on learning from each experience, regardless of success. As markets evolved, PEAK6 launched OptionsHouse, a hedge fund and retail broker-dealer, setting the stage for a pivotal moment.

When the custodian and clearing firm for OptionsHouse, Penson Financial Services, faced bankruptcy, PEAK6 stepped in, acquiring what would become Apex Fintech Solutions.[5] This move not only saved OptionsHouse but also positioned PEAK6 as a technology-forward disruptor in the industry. Brokerage firms seeking modern technology solutions soon partnered with PEAK6.

Its OptionsHouse, LLC subsidiary was rated among the best brokers for options traders by Barron's in March of 2009.[6] However, OptionsHouse was acquired by E*Trade on September 12, 2016 for $725 million.[7]

Over the years, PEAK6 diversified its portfolio with ventures and acquisitions spanning cryptocurrency, esports, finance education, and more. The firm also has a simulated trading facility called WeSeed LLC (or, which provides beginner traders with a platform to learn how to trade stocks.

PEAK6 also has interests in financial technology firms Stockgroup and ELX Electronic Liquidity Exchange and invests in and runs hedge funds.[8] Its subsidiary PEAK6 Capital Management is an options market maker and proprietary trading firm.

In September 2014 the company said it would spin out its $2.3 billion hedge-fund business, Peak6 Advisors, which would change its name to Achievement Asset Management and focus on growth by trading European credit and stocks out of a new London office. The renamed business will continue to be led by CEO Joseph Scoby, who will buy out the roughly 50% stake in the hedge-fund business that Peak6 Investments owns.[9]

In September 2020 BBC News reported PEAKS6 was looking to add an office in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The company said it planned to create 160 new jobs in Northern Ireland over four years, with the help of more than £1m of support from Invest Northern Ireland. [10] [11]

In 2007, PEAK6 Investments was listed as one of "Chicago's 101 Best And Brightest Companies To Work For."[12]

Products and Services[edit]


  • PEAK6 Capital Management LLC
  • PEAK6 Strategic Capital LLC
  • Apex Clearing Corporation
  • National Flood Services LLC
  • Evil Geniuses LLC

Key People[edit]