Pat Shaughnessy

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Pat Shaughnessy
Occupation CEO
Employer Zen-Fire
Location Chicago

Pat Shaughnessy is the CEO of Zen-Fire, an ultra low-latency, professionally managed trading infrastructure and solutions provider.[1]


After earning his degree in Finance from The Ohio State University, Shaughnessy worked for The Timber Hill Group (a division of Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. from 1995-99 as a market maker and broker.

In 1995, he was on the forefront of electronic trading as one of first brokers to use Timber Hill’s proprietary]] technology to fill electronically placed customer orders in the S&P 500 futures pit and the Nasdaq 100 futures and options pit.

His passion for the technology that drives electronic trading led him to help set up and manage one of the earliest electronic proprietary trading firms. As the firm began trading around the clock and from multiple locations, a solution was needed to allow traders to remotely connect with the comparable speed and reliability as those in the central office. The design and implementation of that solution helped lead to the creation of the brokerage firm Mirus Futures and the technology firm Zen-Fire.[2]


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