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Peter F. Borish
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Occupation Chief Strategist
Employer Quad Group
Location New York
Twitter @pborish
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Peter Borish is veteran trader, futures industry executive and asset manager, and was one of the founding partners of Tudor Investment Corporation. He currently serves as chief strategist at Quad Group.[1]

He is also president, chairman and chief executive officer of Computer Trading Corporation and serves as a director of Borish is a member of the board and former chairman of the Institute for Financial Markets (IFM), a nonprofit educational foundation and an independent affiliate of the Futures Industry Association (FIA).[2][3]

Previously, he was the CEO of the commodity fund Touradji Capital Management. He was hired in January 2012 and replaced former CEO Paul Touradji, who remained as chief investment officer there.[4]


Borish is the chairman and CEO of Computer Trading Corporation (CTC), an actively managed hedge fund that focuses on macroeconomic investing. He created the trade and risk management models his company uses to manage assets in the derivatives markets.

In 1995, Borish formed the CTC to manage assets in the derivative markets using trading and risk management models he created. Borish is also an investor in and a former member of the Board of Quadriserv, Inc., a technology driven securities lending platform, which emphasizes price transparency and process efficiency.

Previously, Borish was senior managing director and then chairman of the board of directors of OneChicago, LLC[5], as well as the CEO of Twinfields Capital Management.

Borish led a team of researchers, traders and systems developers at Tudor Investment Corporation from 1986 to 1994. He was a founding partner, and was the apprentice and right-hand man of Paul Tudor Jones for 10 years.[6] He was a member of the Presidential Task Force on Market Mechanisms (also known as the "Brady Commission") that studied the stock market decline of October 1987. Early in his career, Borish worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for three years, beginning in 1982, where he monitored foreign exchange futures and options.

He is a founding member of the board of directors of Math for America[7] and the Robin Hood Foundation, an organization that targets poverty in New York City.[8]

Borish previously served as a board member of the FIA and as a special advisor to the board of directors of the Chicago Board of Trade.


Borish holds a master's degree in Public Policy from the Gerald R. Ford School for Public Policy Studies at the University of Michigan and a B.A. in economics from the same university.[9][10]


Trading Traps: Too Many to Count
“You have to have the complete and utmost confidence in yourself if you’re going to trade and take risk. It doesn’t mean that you have to be right.”

What do subway cars, Derek Jeter, a movie theater and the Titanic have in common?

Peter Borish, chief strategist with Quad Group, has a way with analogies. It takes such comparisons to help explain trading, a “humanly uncharacteristic” action, according to Borish. It’s a fight with your gut and an exercise in taking all the lumps that come your way. Borish breaks down the struggle in this video.


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