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APCS GmbH (Abwicklungsstelle für Energielieferungen und Energieeffizienzmaßnahmen, or Settlement Center for Energy Deliveries and Energy Efficiency Measures) is an Austrian company that operates the clearing and settlement system for the liberalized electricity and gas markets in Austria. It was founded in 2000 as part of the liberalization of the Austrian energy market.[1][2]


Prior to the liberalization of the Austrian electricity market in the late 1990s, the electricity sector was dominated by vertically integrated regional utilities. As part of the liberalization process mandated by the European Union, Austria passed the Energy Liberalization Act in 2000, which aimed to introduce competition in electricity generation and supply.

To facilitate the new liberalized market, APCS was established in 2000 as a joint venture between Austrian electricity companies and grid operators. Its main purpose was to provide a centralized clearing and settlement platform for electricity trading and delivery between market participants.

Role and Operations[edit]

APCS operates the data hub and clearing system for the Austrian electricity and gas markets. Its key responsibilities include:

  • Metering data collection and validation for all supply points
  • Allocation of consumption data to suppliers and grid operators
  • Clearing and settlement of energy deliveries and grid usage fees
  • Management of supplier switching processes
  • Coordination of green energy balancing and disclosure

APCS handles over 6 million metering points and processes around 200 million meter readings annually. It settles transactions worth over €5 billion per year in the Austrian energy market.

The company is jointly owned by major Austrian energy companies like Verbund, EVN, Wien Energie, and grid operators like Austrian Power Grid (APG) and distribution system operators.

Key People[edit]

=== Board ===[3]


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