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The PRICE Futures Group
Founded 1988
Headquarters Chicago, IL
Key People Walter Thomas (Tom) Price, III, Co-Chairman of Price Holdings, Inc.; Sue Jung, President & CEO
Employees 100+
Products futures brokerage services, investment products, online trading, managed futures, trading systems
Twitter @pricefutures
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The Price Futures Group, Inc. is a registered Independent Introducing Broker with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and a member of the National Futures Association (NFA), clearing through ADM Investor Services, one of the world's leading providers of futures brokerage services. The PRICE Futures Group is owned by Price Holdings, Inc.[1]

The company provides an array of full-service brokerage, electronic trading, asset management and consulting services to clients throughout the United States and South America, Canada, Asia/Pacific, Europe, in addition to the Middle East.

Headquartered in the Chicago Board of Trade, The PRICE Futures Group also maintains branch offices in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Nebraska, Oregon, and Texas.

Their alternative investments affiliate, Price Asset Management, Inc., is registered with the NFA and CFTC as a Commodity Trading Advisor and Commodity Pool Operator.

They are also affiliated with Uhlmann Price Securities, LLC, a full-service securities firm specializing in traditional and alternative investments solutions.


The Price Futures Group was founded in 1988 by Walter Thomas (Tom) Price, III and initially registered with the National Futures Association in September of 1989 as a Futures Commission Merchant and Commodity Trading Advisor ("CTA").[2]

In May of 1990, The Price Futures Group withdrew its NFA registration as a CTA. In August of 1990 it withdrew its registration as an Futures Commission Merchant and registered as an Introducing Broker. Then, in October of 1993 The PRICE Futures Group withdrew its NFA registration altogether when Walter Thomas (Tom) Price, III accepted a position with R.J. O'Brien Associates LLC.[3]

The Price Futures Group was re-registered with National Futures Association in June of 1995, when Tom Price re-established the firm and signed a clearing agreement with the LIT Division of First Options of Chicago. Two of the first three employees were Ron Mark[4] and Jack Scoville,[5] who are still with the firm.

In February of 1997, Price Capital Markets was registered with the NFA and launched as a PRICE Futures Group affiliated Commodity Trading Advisor.[6]

In November of 1997, John J. Lothian, founder of MarketsWiki, joined The PRICE Futures Group as President of the newly established Electronic Trading Division.[7]

In December of 1998, another affiliate was launched, Price Asset Management, Inc. ("PAM"). PAM initially registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor and then in 2000 registered as a Commodity Pool Operator.[8]

In July of 2002, The Price Futures Group registered with the NFA as a Broker-Dealer for the purpose of brokering single stock futures in the U.S.

In March of 2007, Roxanne M. Bennett[9] joined Price Asset Management, Inc. as Marketing Director to develop new products and coordinate the marketing efforts of the existing products offered by Price Asset Management and its affiliates.

In March of 2010, The Price Futures Group Inc. announced that it would expand its Chicago and Scottsdale offices, as well as open new branch offices in Westminster, Colorado and Boca Raton, Florida.

In June of 2012, Phil Flynn joined The Price Futures Group as senior market analyst. Also, in June of 2012, John J. Lothian resigned as a branch manager of the Chicago, IL branch.

In July 2012, PRICE and Citi announced an agreement to introduce Price Futures clients to CitiFX Pro, a retail forex trading platform. The partnership is seen as an effort to link the Price Group's introducing broker arm with Citi's trading platform. [10]

In April 2013, Susanna W. Jung, previously the firm's COO, was promoted to President & CEO of The Price Futures Group. In addition, she was nominated and accepted a position on the Board of Directors of Price Holdings, Inc. [11]

Phil Flynn John Lothian News Interview[edit]

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Phil Flynn of The PRICE Futures Group Discusses the Outlook for Natural Gas & Carbon Markets
Phil Flynn has followed the energy markets for more than two decades and joined The PRICE Futures Group in 2012 as a senior market analyst. He spoke with JLN Environmental/Energy editor Jim Kharouf about the outlook for natural gas, shale gas and Canada’s oil sands. Flynn also gave his thoughts on the future of the carbon market and the US energy mix. Published June 20, 2012. Watch at[12]

Key People[edit]

Tprice.jpg Walter Thomas (Tom) Price, III Co-Chairman, Price Holdings, Inc.
MauraClark.png Maura Clark Chief Financial Officer
KelleyWashington.png Kelly Washington Head of Operations
KrishnanSeshadri.jpg Krishnan Seshadri Vice President - Asset Managment Division
RonMark.png Ron Mark Director of Risk & Business Development
Sjung.jpg Susanna W. Jung President & CEO
GeorgeRohrs.jpg George H. Rohrs, Jr. Senior Vice President
JackScoville.jpg Jack Scoville Vice President
Phil-Flynn.jpg Phil Flynn Senior Market Analyst

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