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RCG Onyx Plus® is a trading platform that is offered through Rosenthal Collins Group. RCG Onyx Plus offers futures and options trading.


RCG Onyx Plus® was released as RCG Onyx in 2005. Since its beginning, RCG Onyx Plus® has from the beginning offered options trading capabilities, an auto-spreader and a complete charting package powered by Barchart.

Leslie Rosenthal and J Robert Collins saw a need for an electronic trading platform that would meet the needs of RCG customers and give them an edge in the marketplace. RCG Onyx Plus was the result and is a constantly evolving tool that serves the needs of retail traders, brokers, institutional clients and floor traders.


RCG Onyx Plus offers a downloadable application with full trading capabilities including live streaming market data, market depth view, real-time monitoring of orders and fills, a RiskWatcher tool and auto-spreader.

RCG Onyx Plus Web offers users access to their full account information including statements, balance, transactions, prelims, and reports.

RCG Onyx Plus WebTrader is a browser-based version of RCG Onyx Plus and allows users to place trades and view account information, provided the user has an internet connection.

RCG Onyx Plus Charting powered by Barchart is available within the trading platform and via the web.[1]


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