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The RTD Realtime Trading Desktop (RTD) is a front-end trading platform used by professional traders to trade multiple asset classes on over 115 markets from a single screen.

RTD is used by: • Market Makers• Investment Banks • Brokers • Hedge Funds • Introducing Brokers (IBs) • CTA’s • Individual Traders

The Basic RTD Package Includes: • Trading Front-end • Autohedger • Position Management • Risk Management • Integrated Charting • Limit Management • Options Pricing Package

Automated Trading Tools extend the functionality of RTD: • RTD Spreader • RTD Sales Trader

Core Offering[edit]

In addition to the front-end, RTD includes an integrated autohedger, multi-layer position and risk management components, high-grade analytics, charting capabilities and security features. The core RTD package provides professional traders with a complete set of decision-making components. Further functionality is available with a variety of automated trading tools.

Multiple Asset Classes[edit]

RTD allows users to trade a variety of products and asset classes from a single screen. Futures, options, bonds, equities, FX and commodities can be traded using RTD’s tool set.

Extensive Market Coverage[edit]

RTD can be used to trade on almost 135 exchanges and liquidity pools worldwide via RTS Realtime Systems Group’s Proximity Services and Direct Market Access gateways or at the customer’s site. Most European and North American exchanges as well as an increasing number of Asian, Middle Eastern and Latin American exchanges are available.

RTD Quote Machine[edit]

Designed especially for market makers across asset classes and quoting styles.

• Simultaneously quote multiple instruments across markets • Sophisticated options pricing package • Rich interface, integrated volatility models and skew functionality

RTD Electronic Eye[edit]

Designed to catch opportunities more quickly than the human eye can monitor.

• Configurable functionality • Capitalize on market opportunities • Sophisticated options pricing with integrated volatility management

RTD Basket Trader[edit]

Enables traders to trade multi-exchange, multi-currency baskets.

• Calculate against any reference contracts • Emulate exchange and user defined baskets • Various customized price models

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