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RTS Realtime Systems Group
Founded 1992
Headquarters Frankfurt, Germany
Products Trading Solutions Provider
Website www.bloomberg.com

RTS is a global solutions provider for the trading community. RTS, founded in 1992, creates, designs and hosts multi-asset electronic trading software.[1] Customer groups include exchanges, investment banks, clearing firms, brokers, introducing brokers, proprietary trading firms, hedge funds, commodity trading houses and supply chain management firms.

RTS has offices in major financial centers around the world including Amsterdam, Chicago, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Mumbai, London, New York, Singapore, and Sydney. RTS is headquartered in Frankfurt[2] and has sales and a distribution partner in Greece (Unisystems S.A.).

RTS was acquired by Bloomberg LP in July 2014.[3] Bloomberg said it would integrate RTS’s multi-asset trading solutions and services with Bloomberg’s suite of trading technologies.[4]


In November of 2011, RTS announced that it opened new data center hubs in Singapore and Mumbai to support low latency trading across asset classes on major exchanges throughout the Asia Pacific region.[5]

In October 2011, RTS announced that its CORE matching engine and connectivity solution is readily available to swap execution facilities (SEFs), a new type of entity created by the Dodd-Frank Act. [6]

In September of 2011 RTS announced that it had chosen Equinix as the provider of its global data center in Germany. The data center will be located in Frankfurt.[7] They also announced in September 2011, a fortified presence in Asia with increased investments in staff and technology as well as completed development of an Asian-based data center, scheduled to open in Singapore in October. [8]

In June of 2011, RTS announced the launch of an off-the-shelf matching system, RTD CORE. According to the firm, the central order routing and execution system would help firms handle their internal and external order routing and matching needs across global markets and allow them to more easily manage their global exposure, share information internally and reduce costs.[9]

Also in June, the firm announced the launch of RTD GUARD, a fully hosted, multi-layer risk management offering. [10]

In May of 2011, RTS announced that it has signed a letter of intent and entered into exclusive negotiations to acquire First Futures Software Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (FFS), a high-end technology solutions provider in Pune, India. The transaction marked RTS’ first acquisition of another company since RTS was founded in 1992.[11]The move followed an announcement in April of plans to open the firm’s first office in Mumbai, India to service a growing client base in the country. In August, RTS announced has closed on its transaction to acquire First Futures Software Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (FFS). [12]

Early in 2011, RTS expanded its Chicago office space. The firm also opened an office in Hong Kong as part of its ongoing expansion throughout the Asia Pacific region.

On March 1, 2011, RTS signed an agreement with PhillipCapital to launch RTS’s low latency event-based algorithmic trading solutions to Phillip Securities’ customers.[13]

In October 2013, RTS went live with its 11th data center, in Dubai. It is the first Middle East site in RTS's data center network. The data center is located in the Dubai Gold and Commodity Exchange (DGCX) co-location facility, providing fast access to DGCX. RTS software is used by a large majority of DGCX members. [15]

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