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Read: Five Minutes With Robert Newhouse (April 2009)
Robert Newhouse
Occupation Director, Prime Services
Employer Wells Fargo Securities
Location New York, NY
LinkedIn Profile

Robert Newhouse is director, prime services at Wells Fargo Securities. He joined the company in that role in April 2015.

He was previously the chief executive officer of Victor Technologies (VTEK), a financial analytics company that provides risk management, portfolio margin and market volatility data. He became VTEK's first CEO in February of 2011[1] and led the company in launching its DJALI risk management platform[2], VTEK’s Software as a Service (SaaS) application that allows users to view real-time information without the need for integration or programming.


Before launching Victor Technologies, Newhouse co-founded and held the position of senior executive of Ballista Securities. He was the company's first CEO but stepped down from Ballista in December 2009. [3] The brokerage then appointed Mark Monahan to the position.

Prior to starting Ballista, Newhouse held the position of CTO at TORC Financial, the vendor of TradeSpeed, in addition to CTO of Orbit II Partners, an options market-making firm. Previous to Orbit, Newhouse played an early role at Island ECN, assisting in the development and implementation of the first equity ECN.[4]


MarketsWiki Questions: Exploring Financial Technology[edit]


Newhouse spoke at the MarketsWiki Questions: Exploring Financial Technology event on October 5, 2011 in Chicago. He addressed Question 7: What, in terms of technology, is missing in the financial markets?

Video Series[edit]


Newhouse participated in the MarketsWiki Questions: Exploring Financial Technology interactive video series. See his responses to the following questions:


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