Rostron Parry Ltd.

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Rostron Parry Ltd
Founded 1991
Headquarters London
Key People Simon Rostron, Owner
Employees 5
Products Public relations, consulting, financial services space
Twitter @@Rostronparry

Rostron Parry was founded in 1991 by former financial market journalists Simon Rostron and John Parry. The London-based firm provides public relations services to exchanges, brokers, fund managers and other financial-services-related businesses.


The firm was created in 1991, after Rostron and Parry departed as directors of Trimedia, the UK office of the global PR consultancy.

John Parry retired from the firm in June of 2010.

Products and Services[edit]

The firm breaks its service offerings into several categories:

  • Consultancy, which includes advisory services on various strategies as well as on legal issues, researching new markets and advice on product types for investment management groups;[1]
  • Press relations, or public relations, is designed to build up relationships with various media outlets;[2]
  • Marketing and roadshows, incorporate marketing strategies in PR and promotional campaigns;[3]
  • Conferences and expos, arranging speaking engagements as well as designing and building expo stands;[4]
  • Editorial and copy writing, working with clients on reports and design of text for publications, brochures, corporate documentation, sales literature and online services;[5]
  • Advertising advisory services, providing a measurable advertising strategy and plan.[6]

Key People[edit]



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