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HTG Capital Partners, LLC

HTG Capital Partners, LLC, and Kottke Associates, LLC, announced that they have agreed on the acquisition by HTG of the introducing broker, money management and proprietary trading businesses of Kottke Associates. The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter of this year. [ View page]

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Lanre Sarumi, RiskBone – Your Heart vs. Your Talents: Success Mindset for the Financial Industry

Jeff Bergstrom » 8.29.16

“It turned out that what I was good at became what I was doing.” Lanre Sarumi entered the financial markets for one reason alone – he wanted to be a trader – yet he struggled to find a bank or trading group willing to hire him as one. He eventually took a job as a systems developer at Citadel Investment Group, where he led teams that designed risk solutions for the back and middle office. Though he was great at building risk solutions, his heart was in trading, so every time there was an opportunity to move into a trading...Read more

Twitter’s New Followers — CBOE and Social Market Analytics Team Up for New Sentiment Index Based on Social Media Data

Spencer Doar » 8.29.16

Maureen Downs, Rosenthal Collins Group – Brutally Honest: The Role of the Mentor

Jeff Bergstrom » 8.24.16

Karen Wuertz, National Futures Association – Opportunity Behind Many Doors

Jeff Bergstrom » 8.22.16

Drew Shields, Trading Technologies – Next-Generation Product Development

Jeff Bergstrom » 8.17.16

Walt Lukken, FIA – The New Normal and the Five Tips

Jeff Bergstrom » 8.10.16

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