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Scott Johnston
Occupation Chief Operating Officer
Employer Tower Research Capital
Location Chicago
LinkedIn Profile

Scott Johnston is a Chicago based technology and trading executive who most recently was the chief administrative officer for the hedge fund Citadel.

Before joining Citadel, he was the chief operating officer at financial services firm Tower Research Capital.[1]


Johnston was previously partner and CEO with Chicago-based hedge fund XO Capital Group, LLC (December 2005 – May 2009).[2]

Before that he was a managing director and CIO with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange from April 2000 to May 2004).[3][4] As managing director and CIO of the CME, Johnston oversaw the exchange's critical technology development and computer systems, including electronic trading systems, enterprise computing, regulatory and clearing systems, systems architecture, trading floor systems development and customer support.[5] Johnston was hired at the CME by CEO James McNulty who elevated the CIO position to one of nine managing directors who reported directly to him. McNulty had previously worked with Johnston at O'Connor and Associates, where Johnston at one time had been a floor trader at the CME.[6]

During Johnston's tenure as CIO of the CME, their electronic trading platform (Globex) was upgraded and rebuilt, improving the speed and reliability of the platform. He is credited with leading the technology effort that led to increased volume on Globex, which led to improved profitability at the exchange.[7] Also while he was at the CME, the EAGLE (Electronic Arbitrage Globex Liquidity Enhancer) Eurodollar trading platform was developed and introduced, allowing electronic trading of Eurodollar calender spreads to be traded without legging risk.[8][9]

Additionally, during this time, Globex was modified to handle the routing of single stock futures orders to OneChicago through a special API connected to CBOEDirect.[10] Also, in 2004 Johnston was CIO of the CME when it moved the clearing of trades for the Chicago Board of Trade from the Clearing Corp to CME Clearing.[11]

Johnston was replaced as CIO of the CME by James Krause in 2004.[12]

He was managing director of UBS for over seven years (July 1992 – April 2000) where he was global head of Treasury products technology and served as managing director of the IT division.[13]

He was a software developer, options trader and business manager with O'Connor and Associates (March 1989 – July 1992) and a senior programmer with Townsend Analytics from 1987 to 1989.


Johnston received a BGS degree from the University of Michigan.



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