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Securities Week was a newsletter published by Standard & Poor's, a division of the McGraw-Hill Companies that covered the securities and futures industries from 1973 to December 2005, when it ceased publishing.

Securities Week reported on securities and futures market structure, operations, new products, regulation, people, as well as investment banking, institutional investors and the retail brokerage business. Its emphasis was on covering the U.S. scene, but Securities Week also followed the activities of U.S. investment firms overseas, the development of foreign financial exchanges that interact with U.S. markets and the entry of foreign banks or securities firms into the U.S. markets. [1]

Managing editors have included Michael Ocrant, Rusty Jacobs, Jim Binder and Nancy Mandell. Other Securities Week alumni include Dan Colarusso, Britt Erica Tunick, Jed Horowitz, David Serchuk, and Danielle Duran. MarketsWiki Managing Editor Sarah Rudolph was an associate editor of Securities Week.