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smartTrade Technologies
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Founded 1999
Headquarters Aix en Provence (HQ)
Key People Harry Gozlan, Executive Chairman; David Vincent, CEO & CTO
Employees 150
Products Connectivity, Liquidity Management System, LiquidityFX, Reporting and Monitoring, HTML5 White Label
Twitter @smarttrade_tech
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smartTrade Technologies is a multi-national financial software company that provides technology for financial institutions. Harry Gozlan, the company's executive chairman, and David Vincent, its CEO and CTO, created smartTrade in 1999. Since then, smartTrade has developed software for fixed income, equities, commodities and foreign exchange.

It offers:

  • Internalization/matching for equities, fixed income, FX
  • FX eCommerce and single dealer platform
  • OTC and derivatives dealing systems
  • Commodities dealing (including precious metals)
  • Smart Order Routing in all asset classes.

The company has its headquarters in Aix-en-Provence France, with subsidiaries in Paris, London, New York and Tokyo.

Products and Services[edit]

smartTrade offers a cross asset Liquidity Management System that:

  • Connects electronically to any number of venues regardless of messaging protocols.
  • Aggregates liquidity from dozens of sources to create a single order book.
  • Distributes customized pricing to clients.
  • Manages client order flow.
  • Implements smart order routing using proprietary algorithms.
  • Internalizes liquidity and/or routes it to external venues.
  • Manages state throughout the order lifecycle.

These offerings apply to all asset classes, whether fixed income, equities, commodities or foreign exchange.

Since 2012, smartTrade has offered a package of software dedicated to foreign exchange trading, LiquidityFX, a trading solution for FX, swaps, NDF and precious metals built on smartTrade’s liquidity management platform. It offers connectivity, aggregation, smart order routing, order management, risk management, pricing and distribution, HTML5 White Label, post trade reporting and Saas.

Key People[edit]

  • David Vincent, CEO and CTO
  • Harry Gozlan, executive chairman