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In software development, a "platform" is not simply an app or computer program. It is a technical framework, an enclosed environment within which applications, including dApps, can be made. Platforms often include tools for developers to create apps so that they do not have to code them from scratch. Facebook is an excellent example of this; although it is technically an application, it is also a platform, because apps can be built to run within it, and it includes tools that can be used to create Facebook apps with relative ease. Another example of this is Ethereum, which provides the capability for developers to create applications within the Ethereum "environment."[1]

Cryptocurrencies are generally transacted on purpose-built platforms. MarketsWiki avoids using the term "exchange" for these cryptocurrency trading environments that are not regulated as exchanges. To avoid confusing the unregulated and unregistered cryptocurrency trading platforms with equity and futures exchanges, the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) adopted the term "crypto-asset trading platform," which these pages mimic with slight adjustment.


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