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Spectron Group Ltd
Founded 1988
Headquarters London, UK
Products Global energy marketplace

Spectron Group Limited is a subsidiary of Marex Spectron, a global broker and market maker in energies, metals, agriculture and FX markets. Spectron was acquired by Marex Group in May 2011 for £94.5 million.[1]

Founded in 1988, Spectron Group was the holding company of Spectron Energy Services Limited and Spectron Commodities Limited. It was owned by Imarex, a Norway-based freight and energy broker, which purchased Spectron in 2008 for £70.35 million.[2]

Spectron operated an independent global marketplace for energy. It has offices in London, Singapore, Frankfurt and across the US. [3]


Spectron was involved in developing online trading technology since 1994 and was the first company to launch an online platform for metals and coal. In 2000 it launched SpectronLive.com, its electronic trading platform, and the hybrid voice/screen model this created has since become the industry benchmark in Europe.

In 2006 the company was selected to act as the market operator for the CIF electronic multi-broker platform for dry FFAs (Freight Forward Agreements).

Spectron pioneered various market initiatives. It was the first company in Europe to broker several markets, including online gas swaps, cleared OTC coal, 2012 emissions allowances, online gas storage products, spark spreads and dark spreads. It was the first to launch a set of audited energy indices, and the first to offer straight-through deal processing via API. And it was the first to offer OTC clearing across the main electricity and gas markets.

Products and Services[edit]

Spectron, as part of Marex Spectron, is still active in the crude oil and petroleum products markets in Europe, the USA and Asia. In Europe, Spectron intermediates transactions in a variety of physical and financially-settled crude oil products including outrights, spreads, and swaps. It intermediates transactions in European petroleum products such as automotive diesel, heating oil, fuel oil and gasoline; it primarily focuses on UK, France, Benelux and Germany.

Spectron also provided energy market services such as market data, benchmark energy indices, OTC clearing and consultancy.

Key People[edit]