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Steve Grob
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Location London
Twitter @SteveGFidessa

Steve Grob is an industry veteran focused on market technology, market structure and strategy. He is the former director of group strategy for Fidessa Group plc, which was acquired by ION in 2018. At ION, he served as chief marketing officer. He announced his departure from ION in June 2019.[1] He was the primary presenter for Fidessa's FragVision video series.[2] In addition, Grob wrote regular commentaries about market fragmentation-related issues.


Grob joined Fidessa in 2004. Grob's Fidessa role included developing the firm's strategy in response to the new post-MiFID trading landscape, managing the firm’s initiatives in conjunction with both the established exchanges and the new and emerging alternative liquidity venues and dark pools.[3]

Grob brought attention to Fidessa's Fragmentation Index (FFI) and the Fragulator through his regular commentary on the issues surrounding fragmentation of the markets.[4]

Before joining Fidessa, Grob was the founder and CEO of software vendor Futures Dynamics.

Video Interviews

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At Trading Chicago presented by FOW and John Lothian News, Steve Grob, director of group strategy with Fidessa, spoke to JLN about how the financial regulatory environment of the U.S. is starting to stray from that of the rest of the world. To Grob, this development means more systemic risk in the system and an added burden on market participants.


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