Subsidiaries of CME Group

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Subsidiaries of CME Group Inc.[1]

Subsidiary Name Jurisdiction of Incorporation
Board of Trade of the City of Chicago, Inc. Delaware
CBOT Singapore PTE. LTD. Singapore
C-B-T Corporation Delaware
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. Delaware
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Korea Inc. Korea
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Luxembourg Holdings S.A.R.L. Luxembourg
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Luxembourg S.A.R.L. Luxembourg
GFX Corporation Illinois
CME Alternative Marketplace Inc. Delaware
CME FX Marketplace Inc. Delaware
CME Global Marketplace Inc. Delaware
CME Group Index Holdings LLC Delaware
CME Group Index Services LLC Delaware
CME Group Marketing Canada Canada
CME Group Strategic Investments LLC Delaware
CMEG Brazil Investments 1 LLC Delaware
CMEG Brazil Investments 2 LLC Delaware
CMEG Brazil 1 Participações Ltda. Brazil
CMEG Brazil Sistemas Locação de Bens Ltda. Brazil
CMEG Strategic Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia
CMEG NYMEX Holdings Inc. Delaware
CME Clearing Europe Limited United Kingdom
CME Marketing Europe Limited (f/k/a Swapstream Operating Services Limited) United Kingdom
CME Swaps Marketplace Ltd. United Kingdom
CMESCC Inc. Delaware
Commodity Exchange, Inc. New York
COMEX Clearing Association, Inc. New York
Credit Market Analysis Limited United Kingdom
Credit Market Analysis USA Inc Delaware
Financial Data Exchange Limited United Kingdom
Giotto Empreendimentos e Participações Ltda. Brazil
NYMEX Europe Exchange Holdings Limited United Kingdom
NYMEX Europe Limited United Kingdom
NYMEX London Limited United Kingdom
NYMEX Technology Corp. Delaware
New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc. Delaware
Quotevision Limited United Kingdom
Swapstream Limited United Kingdom
Swapstream Inc. Delaware
Special Technology Investments Limited United Kingdom
Swapstream France (f/k/a IT4F) France
Tradingear Acquisition, LLC Delaware


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