Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority

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Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority
SFA logo.png
Founded 1991
Headquarters Copenhagen, Sweden
Key People Erik Thedéen, Director General
Employees 250
Website http://www.fi.se

The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) is a public authority established to promote stability and efficiency in the Swedish financial system and ensure effective consumer protection.[1]

Organization and Purpose[edit]

The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority authorizes, supervises and monitors all companies operating in Swedish financial markets. The Finansinspektionen is accountable to the Ministry of Finance. There is also a 10-person board whose members, as well as the director general, are appointed by the government.[2]

Operations that involve offering financial services require a permit granted by the SFSA. The Authority issues regulations and general guidelines and assesses whether existing legislation needs to be amended. It supervises compliance with the Swedish Insider Act and investigates cases of suspected offences and share price manipulations. It also conducts onsite investigations at branches of Swedish companies located in other EU countries.[3]

The organization is a member of the Committee of European Securities Regulators. The director general serves as Finansinspektionen's representative on the Committee.


The organization was established in 1991 to create a single integrated regulator to cover banking, securities and insurance. Finansinspektionen supervises about 3,700 companies that include banks and other credit institutions, securities companies and fund management companies, stock exchanges, authorised marketplaces and clearing houses and insurance companies, insurance brokers and friendly societies.

Key People[edit]

  • Erik Thedéen, Director General
  • Martin Noréus, deputy Director General and Executive Director Banking
  • Henrik Braconier, Chief Economist
  • Malin Omberg, Executive Director Markets
  • Tove Friberg, Executive Director Administration
  • Lars Hörngren, Senior Advisor to the Director General


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