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The TRADExpress Platform[1] is the foundation of all solutions from Cinnober Financial Technology.

The platform includes all infrastructural components needed for mission-critical transaction solutions. It provides low latency, high throughput, scalability, easy monitoring and fault tolerance.

TRADExpress is implemented in Java and is thus platform-independent. It runs on all hardware and software platforms that support Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and supports a wide range of operating systems and databases (Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server databases).

The platform has a fault-tolerant architecture that runs servers in redundant pairs, usually at two different sites. If a primary server fails, the hot standby immediately takes over without missing a single byte. This means that no transactions are lost and the failover time is virtually zero.

Moreover, there is no need for specialized clustered disks or databases. This reduces the cost of production and test environments and simplifies deployment.


  • In April 2009,Cinnober launched a real-time clearing solution which was developed to meet the increased demands for high performance clearing services that are expected to be one of the effects of the credit crises. The clearing solution supports bilateral clearing and can be used so see a continous up-to-the second picture of a member's position at any given moment.[2] The Financial News called it an "all-purpose system" in May 2009.[3]


The TRADExpress technology is being used by exchanges and new initiatives such as: