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CFTC Technology Advisory Committee
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The CFTC Technology Advisory Committee is a discretionary or advisory committee for the agency, which is focused on various issues of technology in the futures industry and their impact. The committee, which was re-established in June 2010[1] and renewed in June of 2012[2] holds meetings on various technology topics and makes recommendations to the CFTC. The committee looks at the new technologies used by exchanges as well as by participants and provides advice to the commission on the appropriate level of investment in technology needed by the CFTC to monitor such advances.[3]


The Technology Advisory Committee was originally founded in 1999, however, its registration and usage dropped over the following years. In June 2010, the committee was reinstated after no meetings were held for five years prior.[4][5] [6]

Upon reorganization, the TAC began meeting several times a year to discuss emerging and continuing technology trends and issues affecting market participants. Major topics in 2013 included technology implications of the Dodd-Frank Act and algorithmic and high-frequency trading.

The CFTC met with the TAC after the publication of the Concept Release on Automated Trading in September 2013.

Its agenda items as of 2016 include Regulation AT, swap data standardization and harmonization, cybersecurity and the potential of blockchain and distributed ledger technology to the derivatives market.

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September 12, 2013
Agenda items:

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