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Thom Thompson
Location Chicago, IL
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Thom Thompson is a derivatives specialist who formerly was an editor with John Lothian News.

Thompson has worked in product design, business development and regulatory roles for the CFTC, the Chicago Board of Trade, The Clearing Corporation, Swiss Exchange, Eurex and Eurex Clearing.[1][2]

He has also worked for and advised commodity market start-ups looking to trade, among other things, options on petrochemicals, cannabis (industrial hemp) swaps and bitcoin futures.[3]


Thompson has spent the bulk of his career in business development roles with Deutsche Börse. In 1995, after 10 years as senior financial economist at the CBOT, he joined Deutsche Terminbörse (DTB) in their headquarters in Frankfurt where he worked in international business development. While there, he advised management on competition and regulatory issues preparatory to DTB’s expansion into the UK and the US. He also launched a marketing initiative to license the DTB trading system to emerging exchanges in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Korea.

For several years Deutsche Börse sent Thompson to advise the new stock, currency and derivatives markets in Eastern Europe. In Russia, he was an advisor to the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange as it developed a trading, clearing and settlements for FX futures. He also advised the Bratislava Stock Exchange and the Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange on developing electronic trading and settlement processing.

He returned to Chicago to work on new product initiatives at the Board of Trade Clearing Corporation (BOTCC), particularly interest rate swap confirmation processing. In 2002, BOTCC lent him to Swiss Exchange, which was a co-owner of Eurex at the time, to work on new market initiatives in the US. He stayed on with the Eurex companies until late 2015, continuing to work on market development and market structure topics for equity options, European bonds, credit default swaps and OTC traded products. Eventually, he turned to advising Eurex on the development of the Dodd-Frank Act and led its project to become licensed as a swaps clearinghouse in the US, finally serving as its CCO for US clearing matters.

In 2016 he served as CCO for the first agricultural swaps execution facility (SEF) and successfully guided its application for a full SEF license from the CFTC in 7 months. The SEF was planning to list swaps on industrial hemp, whose production was recently legalized in the US.

That was not Thompson's first start-up; he served as clearing product manager in 2000 for a Berkeley, California company that was working with B2B commodity platforms to offer their members option trading. He has also advised a number of start-ups in the financial markets area as well as crypto currency space.

At the CBOT, he specified and designed a number of new products that became some of the most actively traded contracts in the world, including soybean futures options, five-year Treasury note and two-year Treasury note futures. He also worked on launching home mortgage interest rate products, foreign government bond futures, and insurance derivatives - with less enduring impact.

Thompson began his financial services career as an industry economist at the CFTC in Washington, DC., where he worked on natural resource based futures regulation and the implementation of the CFTC’s option pilot program.

Thompson joined john Lothian News in March of 2018 as a contributing editor for the project. He was promoted to editor in September of 2019.


Thompson received an MS in Agricultural and Applied Economics from University of Minnesota and a BA from Columbia College (NY).


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