Thomas Dyer

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Thomas Dyer
Occupation Former First President
Employer Chicago Board of Trade
Location Chicago

Thomas Dyer was a meat packing executive in Chicago who became the first president of the Chicago Board of Trade at its founding in 1848.[1][2] He served as president in 1848 and 1849 and was replaced by Charles Walker.[3][4]

Dyer also served as Mayor of Chicago 1856 to 1857.[5][6]


Dyer was the son of a revolutionary war officer. He served one term in the Illinois Legislature and twice as delegate to the National Democratic Convention. In 1848, at the time of the founding of the CBOT, Dyer was president of the Chicago Chamber of Commerce.

He was an executive with Wadsworth, Dyer and Company, a meat packing company.

In 1848 at the founding of the CBOT, originally George Smith was elected president of the CBOT, but he declined to serve. Dyer was then chosen to serve at the initial president of the newly formed Chicago Board of Trade.

He was a director of the Galena & Union railroad.[7]

Dyer at one time owned Block 1 of the Chicago township, designated before Chicago became a city in 1837. This site later became the land were Marina City was built.[8]

Dyer passed away on June 6, 1862 in Middeltown, CT.