Thomas Grisafi

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Thomas Grisafi
Tom Grisafi.jpg
Occupation President and CEO
Employer Indiana Grain Company
Twitter @IndianaGrainCo
StockTwits IndianaGrainCo
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Thomas Grisafi is the president and CEO of Indiana Grain Company. He also is an independent trader that specializes in commodities. He has been registered with the NFA as a pit broker since 1993.

He is often used as a source by journalists covering the futures markets.[1][2] Additionally, Grisafi posts video commentary on the Internet about the markets.[3]

Grisafi has attracted some attention because of the state-of-the-art trading facility he built in the basement of his home.[4] The trading facility has giant price boards, similar to those that you'd find on an exchange trading floor.


Grisafi is an active user of Twitter and uses it to follow markets and assess news about markets.[5][6]

Grisafi visited the CBOT on a high school field trip in 1989 and became a runner on the trading floor in the summer of 1990. He worked as a broker's assistant in fixed income products in 1991. He was an independent trader's assistant from 1992 to 1993 until he became a full member trading in the financial and ag pits in 1993. He did that until 1998 when he became an associate member trading strictly financials.

In 2000, Grisafi became the first employee at Kingstree Trading. In 2002, he formed proprietary trading group BMT. In 2008, he formed Indiana Grain Company and began working as an independent trader.

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Grisafi attended Valparaiso University.[7]