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Tim Merryman
Occupation Managing Director
Employer Interconti Limited
Location Chicago
StockTwits http://stocktwits.com/interconti
LinkedIn Profile
Website http://intercontilimited.com/

Tim Merryman is managing director at Interconti Limited. He has occupied that role since October 1986. The company provides financial services consulting to the securities, investment banking and derivatives space. He was previously editorial advisor at Opalesque Futures Intelligence from 2008 – 2011.


Merryman's career began in the late 1970's trading precious metals.

Merryman joined Merrill Lynch in March 1980 working on major IPOs of the gaming industry. He was registered with the firm until February 1984.

During March 1984 to September 1985, he was vice president at Prudential Equity Group.

Merryman joined UBS Financial Services in September 1985 as senior vice president. He worked in IPO's and bond financing and bond brokerage until the end of 1987.

In 1988, Merryman joined Wasendorf & Son and became a branch manager in February of that year. He registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor in May 1988 and conducted business as Interconti Ltd.

In July 2007, Merryman registered as a principal of CTA Quant Trade, LLC. His responsibilities included administration, operations and inter-broker marketing for the firm.[1]


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