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Travis Schwab
Travis Schwab - Highres Headshot.jpg
Occupation CEO
Employer Eventus Systems
Location Austin, TX
LinkedIn Profile

Travis Schwab is the CEO of Eventus Systems, Inc. He joined the company in that role in March of 2015.

He was previously managing director at RGM Advisors, LLC, a proprietary trading firm located in Austin, Texas.[1] He assumed that role in July of 2011 after having been CEO of RGM Securities and before that director of clearing operations at RGM Advisors.


Earlier, Schwab was managing director of global buy side sales at Trading Technologies, a Chicago-based independent software vendor.[2][3][4] Additionally, Schwab was vice president of Ebrokerage sales at Calyon Financial, Inc.

He also worked for Nyfix, Inc. as a regional business manager.


Schwab holds a bachelor's degree in Finance from Loyola University of Chicago. He also attended Georgetown University.


Travis Schwab, CEO of Eventus Systems, thinks firms that participated in the mad rush to build out their compliance and surveillance technologies are likely entering a reevaluation phase. That presents an opportunity for Eventus, a three-year-old compliance and surveillance technology firm.


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