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Trayport new.png
Founded 1993
Headquarters London, with offices in New York and Hong Kong
Key People Peter Conroy, CEO
Products electronic trading networks and software
Releases Company News

Trayport Ltd. is an electronic energy and commodities trading platform, and a fully-owned subsidiary of TMX Group.[1]

Trayport is the main platform that connects traders, brokers and utilities to the energy market’s electronic trading and clearing systems. About 70 to 80 percent of European utilities trades flows through it and the platform offers trading on power, natural gas, coal, iron ore, freight, oil and carbon.[2][3]


Trayport was founded in 1993 by Edmund Hor, who created technology initially used by energy inter-dealer brokers as a price dissemination platform. Hor started the company when he was 27 after attempting to trade Forex himself. His first customer was Spectron, the energy broker, which asked him to create some software that would allow users to "share information between all of their spreadsheets."[4] That project ultimately led to the creation of GlobalVision, the technology on which the firm was built.

In February 2008, GFI Group Inc. acquired Trayport for approximately $164 million.[5] At the time, Trayport had estimated revenues of $28 million for its fiscal year ending Jan. 31, 2008.[6]

On Feb. 5, 2009, Trayport announced management changes, appointing Elliott Piggott as its managing director. He had previously served as commercial director at the firm. Hor, who had been serving as managing director, was named product director and a board director.[7] Piggott left the firm in December 2015, shortly after ICE purchased Trayport from BGC. He was replaced by Keith Heffron, former chief operating officer at Trayport.[8]

In July 2009, the firm announced it was connecting to the CME Globex trading platform and the CME ClearPort for electronic access to trading and clearing energy and metals contracts.[9] One month later, the firm opened its link to LCH.Clearnet for automated clearing.

In November 2013, Trayport acquired Contigo, a software firm specializing in risk management and compliance for energy traders.[10]

In July 2014, CME Group put in a bid to buy Trayport's parent GFI Group for $580 million for Trayport and GFI's FENICS businesses.[11] However, GFI shareholders voted down the deal with CME Group and instead supported a counter offer from BGC Partners of $6.10 per share after a long bidding war between the two prospective buyers.[12]

BGC Partners completed its $750 million tender offer for GFI Group in February 2015. Nine months later, BGC announced the sale of Trayport to Intercontinental Exchange in December of 2015. But the U.K. Competition and Markets Authority issued a stay in January 2016 that prevented ICE from integrating Trayport or transferring ownership to ICE.[13][14] The acquisition provided ICE new services to the European over-the-counter (OTC) energy markets.[15]

In August of 2016 the Competition and Markets Authority, the UK's antitrust regulator, said ICE might have to sell Trayport because of concerns the exchange could dominate European energy trading. It later confirmed that and ruled ICE must sell off Trayport. In March of 2017, a UK appeals court upheld a ruling by the regulator.[16]

In July 2017 ICE said it would sell Trayport. In October 2017 ICE announced a deal to sell Trayport to TMX Group in exchange for certain TMX Group assets and £350 million cash. TMX agreed to sell its Natural Gas Exchange and Shorcan Energy Brokers to ICE as part of the deal at a combined price of £200 million.[17] [18]

In May 2019, Trayport made its first acquisition under the TMX Group umbrella with the purchase of VisoTech, an algorithmic trading technology firm for the European spot power and natural gas markets. Its technology provides pre-defined algorithms for customers to develop their own customized trading strategies.[19]

On May 11, 2021, Trayport announced it had agreed to acquire Tradesignal, a provider of rule-based energy trading and analysis solutions. Trayport said it expects the transaction to close in the second quarter of 2021.[20]

Products and Services[edit]

  • GlobalVision is a trading and data routing platform used to trade multiple asset classes.[21]
  • Trayport GlobalVision Broker Trading System is an electronic trading platform for inter-dealer brokers and other market participants.[22]
  • GlobalVision Exchange Trading System is a matching engine that enables cleared and bilateral trading, market operations and data distribution for exchanges.

Trayport Managed Services include pre-trade decision making and risk management, order entry, management, routing and connectivity, execution and matching systems, bilateral credit, surveillance, clearing and risk management, and reporting and market data.

Key People[edit]