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The Universal Trading Platform is an electronic trading platform developed by NYSE Euronext. It began trading NYSE Euronext's European bond markets in December 2008 and rolled out across its cash equities, options and futures markets in the US and Europe during 2009.[1]

When the rollout is completed, customers will be able to access all of NYSE Euronext's cash and derivatives markets in the US and Europe, along with its new initiatives NYSE Arca Europe and SmartPool, with one connection through NYSE Euronext’s SFTI global network. [2]

Anthony Attia is Executive Director and Head of the Universal Trading Platform Program at NYSE Euronext.

The Universal Trading Platform is composed of 4 main components:

  • The SFTI network enables clients to access all NYSE Euronext services through a single connectivity set.
  • The Common Customer Gateway (CCG) is physically located in NYSE Euronext data centers, providing clients with multi-format order entry and multi-trading platform access.
  • The Universal Trading Platform trading engine supports the trading functionalities of all the different markets. It is a flexible platform, with the ability to switch enable various technical features, depending on the market. It is supported by a technology providing ultra-low latency and resiliency.
  • The Market Data Dissemination system (formerly called the Wombat Exchange Platform (WEP)) is multicast and provided through NYSE Technologies.[3]


In July 2010, NYSE agreed to sell the Universal Trading Platform trading system to the Warsaw Stock Exchange. NYSE is also selling the platform to other exchanges worldwide.[4]