Urs Widmer

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Urs Widmer
Urs widmer@haf2kr0o.jpg
Occupation chief operating officer
Employer Six Swiss Exchange
Location Switzerland

Urs Widmer is chief operating officer of SIX Swiss Exchange. He was named to the post in December 2012, and is also a member of the executive board.[1]


Before joining SIX Swiss Exchange, Widmer was a member of the executive board at AXA Winterthur since 2007 and CEO of AXA Bank in Switzerland.

He began his professional career at McKinsey & Company and moved onto to UBS, where he was responsible for the products and services for the financial intermediaries area. Later, he moved to the financial planning life insurance sales department.


Urs Widmer has a degree in business management and an MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau.


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