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The lower Manhattan, New York thoroughfare known as Wall Street has become synonymous with the upper echelons of American finance because of the large number of brokerages and investment banks located on what's known as "The Street." The darker side of their activities was memorably (if fictionally) dissected in director Oliver Stone's 1987 feature film, Wall Street.[1] The film turned Michael Douglas's creepy deal-maker, Gordon Gekko, into a Street hero and parts of his memorable "greed is good" speech are still quoted there today. Wall Street bond traders Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken and corporate raider Carl Icahn were all cited as Gekko's real-life inspiration.

The geographic Wall Street lost a long-standing fixture recently when the offices of the eponymous Wall Street Journal moved to the midtown Manhattan offices of its new parent, media conglomerate News Corporation.[2] The Journal's staff, along with colleagues at Barron's and MarketWatch, had previously been based at Wall Street's landmark World Financial Center.