Warren Davidson

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Warren Davidson
Occupation House Representative, 8th District of Ohio
Employer United States House of Representatives
Location Springfield, Ohio, USA
Twitter @WarrenDavidson
LinkedIn Profile
Website Warren Davidson Official

Warren Davidson, a Republican, is the U.S Representative in Congress for Ohio's 8th District. He was among the first U.S. politicians actively and openly advocating for cryptocurrency regulation and blockchain adoption.[1][2]


Representative Warren Davidson was born in Ohio. Following his high school graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Army.[3]

In 2000, Davidson returned to Ohio to help run his father's manufacturing business. Around this time, he started his own company. Late in 2015, he announced that he was running for election as U.S. Representative in the special election for Ohio's 8th District to replace John Boehner, who had served as Speaker of the House before retiring abruptly in October 2015. He won the election on June 7, 2016.[4][5] Davidson won re-election in November 2020.[6]


In September 2018, Davidson hosted a bipartisan roundtable discussion called "Legislating Certainty for Cryptocurrencies" in Washington, DC. The talk was attended by both Democrats and Republicans, as well as stakeholders of private companies such as EF Hutton CEO Chris Daniels. The primary concern addressed at the talk was consumer protection, specifically protecting crypto investors from fraudulent ICOs and other scams.[7][8]

On December 3, 2018, Davidson told a blockchain event audience in Cleveland, Ohio, that he planned on introducing a bipartisan bill to create an "asset class" for digital assets under federal law.[9][10][11] He originally introduced the bill with Representative Darren Soto. Davidson reintroduced the bill, called the "Token Taxonomy Act," on April 9. The bill would amend the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Act of 1940. The amendments would exempt certain cryptocurrencies and other digital assets from federal securities laws, allowing individuals to trade more easily or transact with certain cryptocurrencies.[12]

In an interview with National Public Radio (NPR), Davidson suggested that the proposed US/Mexico border wall, a key talking point of Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, could be paid for by the U.S. public through an ICO. This "WallCoin" sale could, Davidson suggested, potentially be bought with Mexican pesos.[13]


Davidson attended the United States Military Academy at West Point from 1991 to 1995, where he majored in American History and minored in mechanical engineering. He later attended the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame, from which he earned an MBA.[14][15][16] Template:Cboe adbox