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Werner Seifert
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Werner Seifert is an exchange executive who served as CEO of Deutsche Boerse AG from 1993 to 2005. He led the exchange to become a leader in electronic trading, in particular with the introduction of the Xetra system. He also helped to create the alliance between the German and Swiss exchanges that became Eurex.[1] [2]

Seifert twice tried to buy the London Stock Exchange and failed, the last time leading to his resignation from Deutsche Boerse.[3]

After he resigned from DB, Seifert wrote a book called Invasion of the Locusts, about his struggle with Chris Hohn, of hedge fund TCI, over the future of Deutsche Borse.[4]


Seifert, a Swiss national, previously worked at the consultancy McKinsey and was a member of the executive board of Swiss Reinsurance. He succeeded Ruediger von Rosen as CEO of Deutsche Borse.

He was forced out of Deutsche Boerse along with Rolf Breuer, the Deutsche Boerse non-executive chairman, and three other non-executives at a shareholder meeting.[5][6]

Seifert may have become a musician. He plays the Hammond organ and had a band named, the BigBrazzPack. He started playing the piano at age four and at 13 became a church organist. He claims to have started one of the first German rock bands.



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