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William Knottenbelt
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Occupation Head of European Business Operations
Employer CME Group
Location London
Website www.cmegroup.com

William Knottenbelt is the senior managing director, international, in charge of Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America for CME Group. He was promoted to that position in September 2014.[1] He replaced Julien Le Noble, who left the firm after three years in the post.

He was previously head of European business operations for CME Group and the CEO of CME Europe.[2] [3]


Knottenbelt previously served as the global head of futures for the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) from 2000 to 2010. He then moved to global head of central counterparty clearing at RBS before joining CME Group. He was responsible for over-the-counter clearing solutions, and held other prominent titles in futures, FX and interest rate derivatives during his time at RBS. Knottenbelt began his career as a commodities trader for C Czarnikow.[4]

He is a former executive board member at the Futures Industry Association and the Futures and Options Association.


Knottenbelt is featured regularly in CME Group's Open Markets blog. Publications include:

John Lothian News Interviews

Revved Up: CME Europe’s Knottenbelt Says Currencies Just The Beginning

CME Europe launched in March with an eye on currencies. William Knottenbelt, head of European business operations for CME Group and the CEO of CME Europe, says that the exchange has a core group of seven clearing members with more on the way and its currency products are positioned well for the market. And that, he says, is just the beginning for the European exchange.

“We’re starting now to see the volume beginning to come into the market,” Knottenbelt told JLN at the IDX conference in London. “As we get more and more clearing members and execution members coming on board, we’re getting a good flow of business and we just see that building.”



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