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William McNeill
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Location Chicago
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William McNeill is a Chicago-based trader and financial markets executive.

Formerly, he was the managing director of trading at HTG Capital Partners in Chicago. [1]


McNeill began his career as a currency broker at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) in 1987. He became a market maker for Alpart Trading LP in 1999, and traded Eurodollar options at the CME and eventually moved over to the CBOE as a market maker in IBM and the SPX option pits.

In 2001, McNeill left Alpart Trading to start an index options group for DRW Trading, where he focused on fixed income.[2]

In 2003, McNeill rejoined Alpart at Harrison Trading Group, LLC to help the firm build and grow its off-floor electronic fixed income trading group. He was appointed CEO of Harrison in 2005. His duties and responsibilities include working with the managing member and executive team to develop and execute the strategic direction and initiatives of the firm, oversight of day-to-day trading, firm risk management, operations and technology.

After helping to facilitate the merger between Harrison Trading and GH traders McNeill stayed on as the CEO of HTG Capital Partners, LLC until being offered the position of managing director of trading.


McNeill has a Bachelor of Art's degree in Management from Concordia University.


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