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Wolverine Execution Services
Headquarters Chicago, IL
Products Execution services
Website https://www.tradewex.com/About

Wolverine Execution Services (WEX) is a subsidiary of Wolverine Trading, LLC. WEX specializes in execution, enabling clients to trade equities, options, futures, and ETFs through its proprietary electronic trading platform (WTP), algorithms, floor access, and agency brokerage desk.

The WEX API uses Microsoft's .Net framework and COM interface, and is compatible with a number of languages including C#, VisualBasic, VBA, and C++.

WEX accepts incoming orders using the industry standard FIX (V 4.2) protocol. Connectivity can be established via multiple channels, including direct circuit, cross-connect, VPN, TNS, SFTI, NYFIX, Radianz, or internet.[1]


Products and Services[edit]

In January 2013, WEX began distributing data from New York-based OTC Markets Group's marketplaces via its multi-asset WEX Trading Platform, in response to demand for more datasets from its institutional clients.[2]

Key People[edit]


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