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Women in Financial Markets
Founded 2007
Headquarters New York
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Web site www.womeninfinancialmarkets.org

Women in Financial Markets, formerly known as Women in Derivatives, is a 501c3 non-profit organization of 6000+ women dedicated to empowering and advancing women professionals in the financial industry. Founded on the principles of diversity, inclusion, and gender equality, this organization underwent a rebranding in September 2023 to expand its reach and mission beyond derivatives to encompass the broader spectrum of financial markets.[1]

History and Background[edit]

Founded in 2007, Women in Financial Markets started as Women in Derivatives, a focused initiative aimed at supporting women working in the derivatives sector. Over the years, the organization gained recognition for its commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within the industry. In response to the evolving financial landscape and the growing need for gender equality in all aspects of finance, the organization decided to broaden its scope and change its name to Women in Financial Markets.

Mission and Objectives[edit]

The primary mission of Women in Financial Markets is to:

Promote Diversity: The organization strives to create a more diverse and inclusive financial industry by advocating for equal opportunities and representation for women at all levels.

Professional Development: Women in Financial Markets provides a platform for women professionals to enhance their skills, knowledge, and networking opportunities through various educational and career development programs.

Mentorship and Leadership: The organization facilitates mentorship programs and offers leadership resources to help women advance in their careers and attain leadership positions.

Industry Engagement: Women in Financial Markets actively collaborates with financial institutions, regulatory bodies, and industry associations to promote gender diversity and inclusion initiatives within the financial markets.

Advocacy: The organization serves as a vocal advocate for gender equality in financial markets, working to eliminate barriers and biases that hinder women's progress.

Activities and Programs[edit]

Women in Financial Markets offers a wide range of activities and programs to fulfill its mission, including:

Networking Events: Regular gatherings, conferences, and seminars that provide opportunities for women in the financial sector to connect, share insights, and build professional relationships.

Educational Workshops: Workshops and training sessions on various aspects of financial markets, leadership skills, and career development.

Mentorship Programs: Matching experienced professionals with mentees to provide guidance and support throughout their careers.

Research and Advocacy: Conducting research and publishing reports on gender diversity issues in the financial industry to drive policy changes and raise awareness.

Community Outreach: Engaging with schools and universities to encourage young women to consider careers in finance and providing scholarships or financial support to aspiring professionals.[2]

Rebranding and Future Initiatives[edit]

The transition from Women in Derivatives to Women in Financial Markets signifies the organization's commitment to driving change through education, mentorship, and creating meaningful connections within the financial markets landscape.

Key People[edit]

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